Be Paitent, the Lord Provides.

Hello friends,
For the last few weeks I have been writing on fear, a personal struggle I have dealt with for years. While fear is not a sin in itself, it can lead to sin. We often exclude God from the solution allowing anxiety to dominate and define our lives. A few months back our board of directors was pressing to raise more funds and suggested fundraisers, so instead of listening to that still small voice telling me NO!… I jumped in way over my head planning a benefit golf tournament. Hours were spent stressing, my time was stretched thin and the tournament was canceled.
If Jesus waged war against fear perhaps – we ought to as well.  Of the 25 Christ issued imperatives found in the Gospels, 21 urge us to not be afraid. The one statement Jesus made more than any other was “don’t be afraid”
When it looked like all hope was lost for this year’s fundraising God showed me what I had no way of knowing. God wasn’t telling me “no” to be mean or insensitive to the needs of our ministry. Instead, He was telling us “no” because just around the corner was a church – Hope Fellowship who was planning an even larger golf outing and who would be donating those proceeds to FSO. If we had just lead by faith and not by fear we could have skipped the stressful migraines of locating golfers, designing event flyers, and gathering sponsors.  
Another incredible story (which delayed this blog) unfolded last week; last Tuesday after spending my morning time reading my bible and praying, I asked God to show me what He wanted to me to do for the day (God’s good at testing to see if we are learning) when suddenly the phone that has been on silent started ringing. It was two lovely women who were in the process of bicycling from California to Florida to raise awareness of Human Trafficking and would be passing through Texas along their route.  With this, I had a brilliant idea ” Lets hold a press conference”, but when they told me the date they would arrive I almost dropped the receiver.  In less than a week I needed to find a location, line up speakers, get volunteers, create press kits and send out the press releases – all without any budget. Every fiber in my body screamed No!, but that still small voice said otherwise. Within hours we had one of the nicest places in town to donate their space for the event, the best of speakers lined up, press kits ready and volunteer’s working diligently.  We even had a beautiful woman take in our friends for the weekend and our volunteers pitched in to raise money without my knowing so we could provide refreshments during the event. What seemed impossible to me at first, all came together perfectly and the event was a big success. 
When Gods in control – Why are we fearful, o us of little faith. Matthew 8:26.
In Christ,

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